Measuring the quality of care

Measuring the quality of services of health facilities is done quarterly and semiannually by verifiers from the Ministry of Health. This assessment is based on different components, available indicators and used to rate the activities of health facilities in relation to standards and procedures. The result of this assessment takes the form of a score ranging from 0% to 100%.

Evolution of the quality of health care


The quality score takes into account various criteria such as the proper functioning of the health center, drug management, hygiene and sterilization, the management of vaccination, pre-natal consultations or the reception of patients and availability of reference material.

Primary Health Care Center PHCC

Hospitals DH

Payments evolution


Health facilities receives subsidies quarterly based on their performance? The calculation of the payment is based on the quantity of services provided, the quality of care, the patient satisfaction and an equity weight related to the distance of the facility to the town.